Crazy Cauldron's post-jam release is on the way!

😲 what’s this???

Thumbnail New 5.png

That’s right! We are hard at work on a Crazy Cauldron full release on all platforms :-O*

*mobile, web, windows, mac, maybe even linux ??

In case you aren't in the loop, Crazy Cauldron is a game we made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 49. You play as an aspiring witch who brews potions from colorful ingredients found in the forest like frogs and flowers with eyes. Spooky right? You can try the jam version here:

We had a ton of ideas for things we wanted to add but weren’t able to because of the time constraints. So we are releasing a post-jam release with a bunch of added features, including:

  •     New mystery monsters
  •     Leaderboards
  •     New and improved visuals
  •     Re-balanced gameplay

and much more..

If you wanna updated about development, we have a Discord and Twitter where we post stuff that we’re working on and chat with other game devs.


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