Accumulate sins and help Cory escape purgatory lest you lose yourself to your demonic transformation!


WASD - Move

Hold and drag left mouse to fire projectiles

Double-click to skip intro cutscene

Made for Discord Jam #5 over the span of 48 hours with the theme of Mutation. Hope you have as much fun playing it as we did making it!

Tested on Chrome and Firefox.


Julien Collins           Noah Dewald           Fred LePage

Art & Production

Shane Rathle (@FlamiingPickle)


Ethan Collins

Frontend Developer

Andrew Evans

Development log


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i got a glitch

i chose Greed so i got to get both perks

so it gave me my first choice, i picked Sloth

but then it disappeared after choosing and gave me another menu for my second choice (should that happen?) WHILE it started my next round

so i had a menu blocking my screen

It's an ok game, but if you get hit once then you die basically because of the stun after being hit. I was hit by one enemy and 3 more came over and I couldn't escape and died

I feel like you missed a big opportunity not calling the name 'Purgacory', Though I'm bias since I love puns xD 

Either way this game was really nice! Reminds me of the binding of isaac, and the gameplay is REALLY fun!!


Could you message me on discord to claim your prizes! Congrats (Ieyfo#6319) Only one person needs to come forward to claim for the team thanks!

Just sent you a message on Discord! Thanks so much


Got sloth so many times I had to shoot opposite direction which made me click out of the browser and lose :(


Maybe making the room bigger and not having enemies spawn on you would be a good change. Really neat little title though, like binding of Isaac. Very charming.


This game is like Titanfall 2. Well, kinda. The gameplay is not even close to T2, but what they have in common is that there is literally nothing wrong with it, it's perfect


I clicked outside the window accidentally, and when I clicked back in, I couldn't move. I could still shoot rocks though.

ruh roh! We'll look into it, thanks for letting us know!


This is a good game but its just i suck :D


Agghhh love it but it's pretty hard


Brilliant, beat it after a few tries.


This is a great game! Other than the typical issues because of the time limit, there is one major problem. The hitboxes. I can often be what I thiink is pretty far from the bats or red dudes and get murdered by them. This is a big problem for a game with such a small movememnt area. Other than this and time limit problems, this is a GREAT GAME!!!!!

We heard your feedback loud and clear and we have implemented some hitbox changes, which should definitely help avoid unfair deaths. Thanks for playing and giving feedback!


Wow, this is impressive. Love the art style and music. Also reminds me a little of The Binding Of Issac.


Thanks! We're really glad you enjoyed it


This is great I really can't find anything to criticise


This is comment gold right here folks